Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SO Good Announces First Issue Contributors

SO Good is pleased to announce the contributors for its inaugural issue. If your work was accepted, please email a BRIEF bio to us at before noon, Friday, March 28. If we've listed your work as "untitled" and it does have a title (or we got it wrong) please include that in your email.

2008 Contributors
Maggie Alerding, "Fish"
Joe Brown, "Utopia," and "Streets of Venice"
Serah Carter, "Dear Valentine"
Jesse Cloutier, "Tip of the Tongue"
Dawn Coutu, "Construction Site" and "An Unexpected Stay in a Hotel"
Shane Ernest, two black and white photographs from Thailand
Tiffany Etter, "That Day is Always Yesterday"
Matt Grubb, "Gas Mask"
Rachel Liberman, "Seeing a Mermaid While Swimming"
Madison Mastri, "Couch" and "Train"
Mike McCracken, two untitled photographs from Thailand
Jeff Metcho, "The Hills Surround Us"
Beth Ann Miller, "Battery Park"
Alexa Patrick, two untitled figure drawings
Shannon Sopha, "Man on Board"

Faculty Favorites (accepted for publication)
Emma Haskins, Textile Piece, nominated by Jason Bagatta
Maggie Hatfield, "Strong as You Keep," nominated by Chris Anderson
Kelly Knowles, "Identity," nominated by Liz Buckley
Kristen Koczarski, "My Everest: An excerpt from Out of Joint"
Matt LaVergne, "Marionette," nominated by Liz Buckley
Renee Mallett, "Guns and Porn," nominated by Eric Pinder
Julian Moore, "Father," and "More Than A Rusted Bed Frame," nominated by Liz Buckley
Laura Spencer, "This is Not a Love Story," nominated by Monica O'Brien

Faculty Favorite nominations not accepted will be noted in the publication.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and nominated. Watch for the first-ever print edition of SO Good during finals week!

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