Friday, September 11, 2009

Rachelle Beaudoin Featured in Touring Video Festival

Plugged Art Collective is pleased to announce "Cheer Shorts" by Photography & Media Arts instructor Rachelle Beaudoin will be included in their touring "Her Shorts: Selections Of 2006-08 " festival. The next upcoming screening of Her Shorts "Selections of 2006-08" is at the Fishbowl Gallery, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology located in Nelson, New Zealand, this August 31st-Sept. 4th 2009.

Plugged is archiving three years of Her Shorts: International Women’s Video Festival to host individual artist’s videos on Plugged’s website. The online archive supports Plugged’s mission to make relevant artwork more accessible to the public. In addition the online library will act as host for a global community of artists. Ideally this platform will act as a meeting point for living artists to meet each other’s work and spawn further creativity.

Videos are continually being added and eventually a searchable database will be available. or view videos visit

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