Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chester Students Show Art at Roger Williams University

Photographer Jeffery Silverthorne recently visited our campus. This past Monday two of CCNE’s students returned the favor. On November 10th Jessica Eastman and Samantha Croteau visited Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island to show their work. They attended Silverthorne’s Aesthetics and Advanced Photo classes and discussed their art, their inspiration, and their experience here at CCNE.

Eastman is a senior photography major. Before visiting RWU, she felt “really excited” about going to RWU as a visiting artist and showing her work to a new group of people in a different environment.

When asked what kind of work she does, Eastman said, “I feel more comfortable finding things and photographing them as commentary. I do commercial photography, but I like making art.” Eastman also photographs weddings in the summer.

After her visit, Eastman said it was a really positive experience to show her work at a large university. It’s a very different atmosphere than what we’re used to at CCNE, but Eastman felt welcome and got a good response from Silverthorne’s students.

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