Friday, February 27, 2009

Music Journalism, or an Attempt to Take Over the World?

by Laura Spencer

Chris Anderson just wants world domination.

The new Special Topics class, Music Journalism, has found a home at Chester College of New England. Studying a variety of things from movies to books to songs, Anderson plays with the lines of literature and music. With their new blog launching March 4th, Sticks and Stones will let them go public. People everywhere will be able to see the pages. From reviews, to reading where they can find their favorite bands play, to listening to sample of songs chosen by the class, the Chester College Music Blog may have it all. The section titled "Love," however, might be Anderson's favorite. This is where the heart comes in.

"People discuss their favorite all time record. The one that has lasted years without losing its ability to move, the record that changed the way you saw the world. We're hoping to get a wide range of people to write for our Love section, from published authors to faculty and students from Chester College. I also hope to include brief essays by musicians about their favorite books."

While they aren't busy getting ready for their internet debut, Anderson has the class reading a variety of books, writing reviews and papers on different topics, interviewing a musician and keeping track of the latest times in music. He understands that music is such a personal thing, so the class had a risk of getting a bit heated, though it was too important a topic to not focus on, and that the touch of personal material may in the end make it better.

"We want nothing less than world domination," Anderson says. "Well, at least I do, and think everyone in the class is certainly capable."

For more information and to take part in the happenings, visit Sticks and Stones.

Their Myspace is also available to make contact with the class and stay up to date.

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