Friday, February 27, 2009

SO Good, Vol. 2

The staff of SO Good is pleased to announce its choices for Volume II. If your name is on this list, please send a short bio (60 words or less) to today.

Fiction: "Bittersweet," Sérah Carter; "Nonevent," Marie Stern

Poetry: "Positraction opossums getting killed by cars," Venessa Rotondi; "An English Tide Flat," Maggie Alerding; "Overripe Blackberry," Ashley Kreutter; "Suicide Weather," Rebecca Vitkauskas; "Existential Cladogenesis," Dan Keating; "Zingaro," Nick Kimball

Nonfiction: "Cubs," Eric Notaro; "Air Tower," Kristen Koczarski

Visual Art: Untitled image by Julia Maranto; "Gym" and "Doctor's Office," Madison Mastri; "Peony," Emily Couture; Untitled photograph by Jesse Cloutier; Two untitled black and white portraits by Krystle Belanger; "Human Landscape 4," Zach Shields; Untitled oil pastel by Alexa Patrick; "Relapsed Recovery," Joe Brown; "Lust" and "Misery," Amy Mauriello; "Homage," Jamie Cheney; "Rainforest Irony," Vanessa Laboy

Faculty Favorites

Fiction: "Like Gravity Falling Up," Jeff Metcho, nominated by Chris Anderson; "Cashmere," Beth Ann Miller, nominated by Chris Anderson

Poetry: "When he sleeps he dreams of fields, wild," Matt Williams, nominated by Eric Crapo; "Plenty a Wonderful Beautiful Thing," Vanessa Laboy, nominated by Monica O’Brien; "The Real Parts (I fell in love with a wordsmith)," Vanessa Laboy, nominated by Monica O'Brien; "Dearest Lover –or-(To Whom it May Concern)," Ryan Hoarty, nominated by Monica O’Brien; "this time" and "the simplification of attraction," Stephanie Libby, nominated by Chris Anderson

Nonfiction: "A Letter to Edward Abbey," Gregor R-Baugh, nominated by Eric Pinder

Visual Art: Collaged Narrative, Jessica Eastman, nominated by Liz Buckley; Installation featuring screenprinting with found objects, Amy Beth Gradewicz, nominated by Alexis Adams

Coming Soon

cover image by Amy Mauriello
cover design by Rhiannon Lombard

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