Friday, April 18, 2008

Jack McCarthy – “A Stand Up Poetry Guy”

On Sunday, April 20th, Chester College will be graced with the presence of a legend. Jack McCarthy has been on multiple slam teams, including competing in the National Slam Individual Semi-Finals in 2000. His commanding presence has granted him a powerful reputation in the world of poetry. The Boston Phoenix has named him “Best Standup Poet.” He is currently touring the east coast, to be followed shortly by the west coast.

Jack McCarthy has hypnotized listeners since his first open mic in 1993. He walks into a room humble, unassuming. He’s known for staying through an entire open mic, for giving respect for other readers. And yet, once he assumes control of an audience they belong to him until he is finished. The words themselves are easily accessible, no quote too hard to decipher. Behind them, however, the meaning pursues the exact substance that makes us human.

His hypnotic voice is reminiscent of early radio. His CD, “Breaking Down Outside a Gas Station,” is available as a representation of his spoken work. His new book, “Actual Grace Notes,” is also available online. Both, including other products, will be available at the reading in Dalrymple at 7:00 Sunday, April 20th. Chester College is proud to have this living example of a successful writer to show their students that it is possible not to have a day job.

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