Friday, April 18, 2008

Third Gallery Opening a Success

This past week’s senior show showcased a number of different techniques, outlooks, and styles. Jessie Richardson presented her mixed media paintings, dubbed Violins, each possessing its own number, and a documentary movie, Year of the Northern Forest, about the time she spent in an agricultural “intentional community.” This movie played in Wadleigh’s Conference Room and continues to play throughout the week in the gallery space. Rachel Russell displayed three separate series. The first set comprised a film, A Visual Discourse in the Abatement of the Cylindrical Filaments Characteristically Growing From the Epidermis of a Mammal (A Study in Removing Hair), and a dress made of wax strips covered in her hair, both dealing with outward perceptions of physical beauty. The second series, Untitled, was a group of receipts glued together, representing consumption and memory. The third, and final, series is entitled Pussy Paintings, a set of texture paintings; viewers are encouraged to touch them. Mindy Kern displayed two sets, one a series of 55 Paintings on Metal, which used acrylic, gouache, and watercolor on aluminum, the other a group of three mixed media artist’s books, Doll, Untitled 4, and Wanderings. Mindy dedicated her display to Nick Greenberg, a Chester College alumni who died almost a year ago. In addition to displays, two Creative Writing majors presented readings of their work. Ben Cardoza read several poems and an excerpt from his new novella, Black Wolves Contingent. Finally, Dawn Coutu read from a book of her collected poetry, entitled Draped in Constellations. The gallery opening was a large success.

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