Friday, April 11, 2008

Second Senior Show Features Diverse Perspectives

By Kristen Koczarski

The second senior show opened on April 9 in the Wadleigh Gallery and showcased a wide array disciplines. Danielle Provencher, a Graphic Design major, presented large-scale typographic pieces done in red, white, and black fabrics. The typography is completely in Cyrillic in order to force people to focus on the form and shape of the text and not to read it. Georgianna Jennison, an Interdisciplinary Arts major, displayed an array of photos taken by herself and group of eleven girls ages nine to twelve who took part in the Girls of Opportunity program created by Georgianna for her project. The young girls were given cameras and taught for six weeks the basics of photography and encouraged to capture their lives as a way to empowerment. In addition to the exhibits on the wall, the show also displayed two installation pieces, also from Interdisciplinary Arts majors. "Under the Wendy Tree" is a sort of self-portrait by Wendy Mierop and is a trunk made of composition books full of tiny ink comics and ends in a canopy of hanging origami cicadas and moths. All the text is written in Norse Runes and are not readable. The other installation is a living room: "In Action and Apprehension" by Caleb Banciu and presented by senior Marie Stern. The work is an installed novella about Caleb Banciu who has discovered a nonexistent street, which is destroying his memory, and instead of being written traditionally, it is written in texture, environment, smell, and object as well as in words. "Readers" are encouraged to invade his space, read his journals, eat his food, and piece together his story. In addition there were two readings at the gallery opening, one an unsettling reading by Marie Stern of some of Caleb Banciu's stream of consciousness writing, and the other by poet, Michelle Daugherty who read, as she puts it, "autobiographic drivel." Really, she read nonce sonnets of a profoundly strong and personal nature that left the audience speechless. The show will be up until Sunday, April 13, 2008.

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