Friday, April 11, 2008

College Invitational Results

The Nashua Area Artists Assocation invited Chester College students to participate in an art competition on April 5th at Gallery One in Nashua.

The judges were a very distinguished panel of local artists. Lisa Lynch is the Director of the Arts and External Relations for the Women‚s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University, Lynn Thomson is the Head of Youth and Family Programs at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, and John Weidman is an international known and acclaimed sculptor.

College Invitational Winners,
Chester College, 2008

Best in Show: Nicole Gonzalez, Masculine, Blue, Green and Red

1st - Emma Haskins, Still Life #2
2nd - Paul Andrews, Still Life #2
3rd - Vanessa Laboy, Girl
HM - Paul Andrews, Still Life #1

1st - Matthew Grubb, Respirate
2nd - Peter Isherwood, Protean Nude
3rd - Eryn Murphy, Self Portrait

1st - Kelly Johnson, Star Dust
2nd - Ken Huntley, Same Sex Monster is A-OK
3rd - Emily McCoomb, Untitled Tree

1st - Kelly Johnson, Black Shirt
2nd - Wyatt Lynch, Self Portrait
3rd - Nicole Gonzalez, Pastel Lorenzo
HM - Geraldine Nonnewitz, Untitled

1st - Mike McCracken, Thai Boy at Ban Hin Turn School, Thailand
2nd - Georgianna P. Jennison, Hagia Sophia
3rd - Jesse Cloutier, Papercosm
HM - Kendra Coyle, Committed
HM - Shannon Malloy, Sexual Beings #3 Vulnerable

1st - Ramon Perez, Will
2nd - Jessie Jaremczak, This Isn‚t Bacon
3rd - Vanessa Laboy, Repose
HM - Tahlia Goupil, Figure Drawing

1st - Wyatt Lynch, The Old Guitarist
2nd - Ken Huntley, Attack on Space Station Elvis Costello

Mixed Media:
1st - Julia Maranto, Red Balloon
2nd - Zach Shields, Influx
3rd - Jessie Richardson, Equinox
HM - Rachel DeCicco, Symbols 1

Creative Prose:
1st - Tiffany Etter, selected poems
2nd - Matthew Williams, selected readings
3rd - Dawn Coutu, selected poems

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